Friday, 8 January 2010

One Hundred Days - no.5

Hm. This one hundred days thing gives me an easy way out of writing something interesting every day. All I have to do instead is toss off another rubbish drawing to put up here. That said, I have not been having a particularly interesting time recently - just working working working for the last three days, so I have very little to say for myself. I have solved the boot dilemma, though, and will find the time this weekend to photograph my new and rather masculine footwear for next week.

I'll see if I can write something more interesting later today but I'm rather busy, so if I don't, have a great weekend!


  1. its a good excuse to just do! rather than think

  2. Sounds like my life at the moment. Just realised its taken me 3 hours to do 5% of what I was hoping to achieve in a couple of days! Haha.

    I'm actually liking time to myself though-hmmm maybe there is a hermit in me after all.

    Hope your new boots fulfill the "weird clothes" resolution. I'm liking that idea.

  3. Oh f*** that last post was Kat btw. I toyed with the idea of starting a blog (although it may fall the way of Marks...) so the blog name seems to have popped up.

  4. Hi Kat - I thought this 'stranger' sounded familiar! Well, you can at least have a blog space in case you need to rant about something. Let me know if you start writing!

    Lauren - I do like to indulge in doing without thinking. I think it suits me to not think! :-)