Thursday, 21 January 2010

today I am STILL thinking about shopping

I'm so sorry for wittering on about shopping and clothing and other hideous girly things. I just saw today that Jack Wills have got their new catalogue out. Now, let's have a little discussion about Jack Wills. I am probably way too old to wear most of their clothes, and to be frank, their lookbook for this season is a bit Chelsea trampy. It's like the uniform that all those blonde young things along the Kings Road in London are wearing. Stupid short skirts and hoodies, with their swept back long hair and Ugg boots. Yeurgh! But there are a couple of sweet things if you look closely and filter judiciously.

If I had to buy Jack Wills today I'd have:

The Plumstead top, which looks like it has an interesting cut and would look good tucked into trousers or something like these:

Scotney Boyfit shorts.

I think this would be OK. Not too public school, not too Chelsea. I'd wear them with flat brogues, a chunky necklace and a boyfriend cardigan. Sigh. Now all it has to be is NOT winter any more. Damn!

Aubin and Wills, the company's 'older' sister, has a more mature look on the other hand and I prefer its styling. Now I'm getting properly excited about going to Japan. I wish I had a more interesting travel bag than my current one. How about these blanket bags for a rustic look?

Fosse bag

Glendurgan bag.

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