Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Things I have been wondering about

1) Whether moving the parting in my hair further to the left will make me more interesting.
2) Whether I can get away with wearing blouses.
3) Whether I need more mustard yellow, my favourite colour to wear.
4) Whether it's OK to be wishing it weren't quite so cold any more and wanting to wear shorts teamed with tights and knitted sweaters, Aubin and Wills stylee:

What do you think of the Aubin and Wills look? Too toff-like? Too blonde Chelsea girl? Or is it cute and preppy - you know, the stripes, the plaid, the sweater dresses? They are a sister company to the very posh preppy (but rather nice!)Jack Wills, so should probably be approached with caution. But I think maybe it would be OK in moderation because I'm Chinese and I won't, as Kat puts it, look like a Tory girl if I dress like this. Not the shoes, mind. I couldn't do those shoes.

Sorry, I keep writing about clothes...


  1. of course, this does get me wondering if there are any chinese tories, what do they wear? Is there a chinese tory look? :)

    And is there a liberal english white girl trying to look chinese look?

    That would probably be pretty f****g funny.

    Clothes talk is fun. Personally I think anything goes as long as it doesn't become a "uniform". Tory girls look like they are going to a polo match all the time. Whereas you do not. Well not yet ;-P

  2. I couldn't really describe a particular Chinese style. Some Chinese girls, being very petite and pretty, can get away with anything they like. Not me. I am a wide-shouldered monster in Hong Kong.