Monday, 11 January 2010

behind our house

We went for a walk on Saturday in Rowney Wood, which you can see in the photos of our view across the field behind the house. The snow here has not been nearly as bad as in other parts of the country, and the area in which we live isn't very hilly, but there is a bleakness that is quite stunning sometimes.

The photo of the trees and the two paths leading off on either side is a little bit Hockney-esque, don't you think?

It was freezing cold and I couldn't feel my fingertips after only 45 minutes despite my sheepskin gloves. A retreat to the house was necessary.


  1. I love the Hockney trees. I'm not a particular follower of the art world but I'd really love to see that painting in person. Even online it grabs me. Have you seen it?

    Surprisingly snow free here. We do have odd birds though. People have seen a kingfisher, dipper and lapwing. And it feels very eerie.

  2. Yes, I saw it when it was the main piece at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition a few years ago. It is quite impressive. I wrote about Hockney a few months ago - his work is amazing.

    We saw a lot of animal tracks but I couldn't identify anything much - some deer, lots of birds. It was pretty eerie in the woodland.