Monday, 18 January 2010

One Hundred Days - no.14

Sunday's picture, late again. This isn't easy! Sometimes I feel like I'm just doing this for the sake of keeping a promise, and just dashing something off that will do. I've been so busy - working all weekend - that I've not even been out of the house for ages and am uninspired.

I will be back later today.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know about "dashing off something that will do", but I reckon its certainly better than a diary-when you look back in 100 days time, you'll see every deadline, the boring and the creative days in your pictures.

    Plus, you could always turn them into a little calendar or something (although I'm not sure you want to do 365 days and a 100 day calendar would be a bit strange).

    I know what you mean about not leaving the house. Yesterday I went outside for the first time in DAYS and today I'm back slogging away for hours on end clicking on the screen to measure stuff. I can't even knit :(