Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I think I'm going to have to wind down the blogging for a few days - this deadline isn't a joke any more and I am falling behind by the minute. I mean, animating a pair of lungs throwing themselves off a diving board is not to be laughed at. So I will be posting lightly this week, and then I will be away in Japan for the whole of the following week.

Hopefully I will see some amazing and inspiring new things to talk about, and maybe get some drawing done whilst I'm there. It's hard to get excited about something when you've got no time to think about it much. But I know I am really looking forward to it.

Today I thought I'd show you another photo of my family - this time with my wonderful Dad in flip flops and some quality knitwear.


  1. diving board?!!!! And I thought lunges sounded tricky to do!

    Good luck and enjoy Japan-sure you'll discover lots of great things!

  2. This one is even worse than lunges. It involves making the lungs do spins and twists like real divers do, and then one of them releases a parachute! How the F do I make that look convincing?!

    Thanks - I can't wait!