Thursday, 4 March 2010

Handmade school in Bangladesh

I have never written about architecture before, nor does it interest me a whole lot, but I came across this amazing school in Bangladesh via Salvoweb's blog today and had to make a note of it. I think it is a wonderful project - built by local craftsmen, children and adults, all working together to create something really special. I adore those vibrant doorways - those colours make my heart swell with joy. And the use of natural, locally sourced materials is a great thing too. I think it is utterly beautiful, both inside and out. Check out the link above to read more and see more images. Here is a brief extract from the Designboom article:

Hand-built in four months by architects, local craftsmen, pupils, parents and teachers,this primary school in rudrapur, a village in north west bangladesh, uses traditional methods and materials of construction but adapts them in new ways. the architects, anna aeringer from austria and eike roswag from germany, made every effort to engage the skills of local craftsmen, helping them refine processes and learn new techniques that they could then use to improve the general standard of rural housing.

All images from Designboom.

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