Friday, 12 March 2010

Some links for the weekend - old friends and old soap

I used to work for the lovely people at 12foot6 and still get their newsletter with updates on their recent work. Yesterday they sent me a link to some ads they have done for the new Puma Phone. I thought it was pretty cool - having worked there for more than two years I can spot who did each ad - it's great to be able to see the hallmarks of each particular artist. I'm almost certain whose hands those are, and that weird chap at the end... well... I won't say who that is.

And the other day I randomly came across this site, Carbolic Soap, which sells exactly that - carbolic soap in all sorts of different forms and formulae. Now I don't have any memories of this stuff, being a child of the 80s when things were changing, and also being Chinese with no family history in England. But I know the smell and I love it. The site probably needs some work to make it more attractive, but if you're looking for traditional household products that are hard to source, or old-fashioned soap for sensitive skin, then this is your place. They sell stuff like Mitchell's shaving soap and a repro dish for it, reproduction washboards, all sorts of interestingly wrapped soaps and lots of household cleaning products. Weird and wonderful. I would certainly have some of these floating around my house just for the pretty packaging.

I'll post up my next drawing later today. Have a great weekend, kids. I am trying to find something interesting to do with the husband in the godforsaken part of the country that we live in (East Anglia) that doesn't involve stately homes, garden tours or activities for Mother's Day. Aaargh!


  1. Birding in Wicken fen?
    Norfolk coast?
    Random museum in London?

  2. Thanks! I've just been looking at Hamford Water Nature reserve and the fossil cliffs at the Naze near Walton-on-the-Naze. Lots of waterfowl and a seal colony - plus there's the strong Swallows and Amazons link (Secret Water. Sorry, I'm such a geek!). I think I might be able to persuade Mark to go and walk around some salt marshes with me :-)