Wednesday, 17 March 2010

my own Welsh farmhouse... I wish

OK, since I wrote yesterday about moving houses, how about this one for size? This is pretty close to ideal for me: a big-windowed Georgian farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with five bedrooms, outbuildings, greenhouse, five and a half acres of land (eep! I would try taking part in the wonderful thing that is Landshare), only one neighbour, stunning views, and absolutely RIPE for a bit of renovation inside.

Only problem is, it's in South Wales. Like, nowhere near anything useful to us. I think I'd have to pick up the whole place and drop it in North Wales instead.

Just in case you want to see more pictures, I've uploaded the full details from the estate agent (pdf) here (either click, or try right clicking depending on your browser). All images from Profile Homes.


  1. What a gorgeous house; the possibilities are, well, ripe, as you said! I love Georgian houses. Something about those long, uniform windows really speaks to my brain.

    And, having lived in North Wales myself, I would also drop the house there, too. Just trying to figure out where...

  2. It's all about the windows. I dream of windows like that. The ones on our Essex house are miniscule, and I grew up in a lovely Georgian townhouse (OK, it was over a Chinese takeaway, but I liked it anyway!).

    I'm looking for homes in North Wales right now! Can't find any I like as much as this :-(

  3. Shame! There are some lovely Georgian townhouses in Beaumaris, but Anglesey in the constant rain can be a little grim.

    Chinese takeaway or not, a Georgian townhouse is still a Georgian townhouse: very cool!

  4. Mmmm. Beaumaris would be nice! I've only been to Anglesey once (when I was nine years old) and it was a bit grim :-). x

  5. Hahaha! Yes, it can be damp and grey and, well, er, depressing. But, when the sun shines on the Menai Straits and you can see those mountains not far off, it's very lovely. Plus, there is a cool castle in Beaumaris, some big bridges (if that's your thing) and some beautiful beaches; especially Aberfraw and Penmon Point (complete with spooky lighthouse)

    Erm...can you tell I like North Wales? I could go on like this for a while. I'll stop now... :P

  6. :-) I'll definitely know where to turn for advice if we ever make the move up there. Sadly it's looking like we won't be able to be in 'proper' Wales, and may even end up in Cheshire, but I guess I can't have everything, like, NOW! At least we will be much closer than we are now.

    You're great - I love your comments! Thank you for taking the time to write :-) x

  7. Thanks Karen, you too! I like your blog very much, and think your work is super-cool :)

    And agreed, Cheshire is much closer so there can be lots od day trips then! x