Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Reverse graffiti

Ever heard of reverse graffiti? I hadn't until I came across it yesterday on the Salvoweb blog and followed a link to this example in South Africa (above), inspired by other projects around the world, including this one in California (image below). I think it is a really beautiful way of making street art - I like it better than regular graffiti, which doesn't appeal to me a lot of the time. It just seems more organic and natural.

In the UK you can even commission your own, perfectly legal, reverse graffiti as advertising or whatever - from these people :-)


  1. I've seen a video clip somewhere of a guy doing this. I can't think where, but it was in a really grimy tunnel and he "drew" a series of really macabre skulls. It was very Giger-esque (is that a word? I don't know, like Kafkaesque maybe?!). Anyway, the local authorities came and power washed it off a day later!

    They are really something, though, I agree.

  2. :-) shame they washed it off - some people have no idea! But I suppose if it induced them to clean the whole thing, it must have done some good at least :-)

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