Friday, 26 March 2010

Railway carriages

I would love to have an outbuilding in my garden to use as a studio and hideaway. I would make it my own space, paint it pretty colours, furnish it with things I love. Right now I work in our spare room, which gets precious little light even on a bright day and is usually also occupied by a rack of drying laundry, piles of paperwork (I'm in the process of selling my London flat and I had NO IDEA how many questions I'd have to answer for the solicitors!), and plenty of electronic ware, all at risk from damage if I were to tip over my painting water. It is a chaotic dump. If I had an amazing space where I could have two desks and somewhere nice to lounge for frequent tea-drinking maybe I would keep it much better. Or maybe not. I'm an incurably messy girl and I hate to admit it.

I have seen a fair few old railway carriages in interiors magazines mostly used, like this one, as an outbuilding or summerhouse. They are always utterly beautiful, surprisingly spacious and ooze a very special vintage railway charm. This would do very nicely as a work space, but could inspire any interior with its loving preservation of detail and simple decor. From Light Locations.


  1. I love anything to do with railways-maybe its my family history. I'd love to have a railway carriage in my backgarden. In fact a relative (now sadly passed) at one point OWNED an old station (complete with platform and ticket office with some carriages they bought in onto the track). They lived in a train station. I can't imagine anything more amazing to live in. I was so sad I never got to see it.

  2. It's wonderful, isn't it?

    That sounds amazing, to own an old train station! Shame you never saw it. I wonder if it still a home now?