Monday, 22 March 2010

One Hundred Days no.66

Saturday's drawing. Sunday's and today's to follow...

Oh dear. I have been busy... let's blame the computer. I have been migrating from my poor old iBook (five years old, one serious f***-up, whirs and groans constantly) onto my shiny and super-powerful new MacPro this weekend and I am having SERIOUS problems adjusting the colours on my monitor so that they don't hurt my eyes when I'm looking at it. So if my images appear a bit weird in colour for the next few days (or until I can work out which settings to use!) I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt your eyes either.

I'll be back later today with something random...


  1. I've been off in Norfolk for a bestfriend/ photographic/charity shop week (but did I find old globes and Polaroid tins? NO!) and I have missed these drawings of yours!
    This one had me crowing. Really. And I adore rabbits. So, despite. :-)

  2. Hi Lynn! I hope you had a wonderful break in Norfolk. And yeah, it's hardly ever the case with charity shops that you come across any true gems. Mostly really bad clothing and some awful 1980s ceramics. Shame... x