Monday, 22 March 2010

the weekend

was relaxing. You know how it has been this winter, and it felt like it would never end. Even those promising little peeps of sun we had last week were quickly smothered by cloud. On Saturday it rained all day and I was stuck indoors doing housework and setting up my new computer. But yesterday it was glorious and I spent the whole day in the garden tidying up the flowerbeds, sweeping up dead leaves and trimming away all the dead stuff that I had neglected for too long. It was blissful and calming to be out there with nothing much going on in my head, absent-mindedly scratching my arms to shreds in the gooseberry bush, and sending a cascade of accidentally-woken woodlice into my hair (oh yes, that happened when I was wrestling with the compost bin!). Oh, and I terrorised this poor caterpillar until it stood still for long enough to let me take a photo.

I haven't got much to say for myself today. I'm just back at the desk and shouting at my work. Hope you had a good weekend too :-)


  1. I got out into the garden, too, at long last. Poor neglected plants!

  2. It's a nice feeling when it's done, isn't it? Our garden looks almost presentable now :-)