Thursday, 18 March 2010

One Hundred Days - no. 64

I am lazy. I might not give off that impression. In fact I probably come across as a slightly manic, attention deficient nerd (and lord knows it's probably true). However, I like to cut corners, I like to make things easy for myself but I think that has a negative effect on the quality of my, uh, produce as it were. I think from tomorrow onwards (because today I can't be arsed), I will try to make the last 36 images I produce for this One Hundred Days thing a bit more than just something I drew whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or for some website to load over our snail-like internet connection. I will, gasp, use paints! I will THINK (just a tiny bit cos it hurts sometimes). I can't make promises, I have work to do too, but I'll try.

For today, I have this. Maybe sometimes people do wake up to find a squirrel reading a newspaper on top of their heads. I'm sure it happens somewhere...


  1. I bet some men do wake up with squirrels on their heads...I believe they prefer the term "hairpiece." A squirrel perched atop the head is infinitely more convincing than some syrups, too...

    PS- Lazy or not lazy, I look forward to the drawings!

  2. As dodgy wigs make me laugh (and point indiscreetly) :D