Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Welsh farmhouse

I was reading Ill Seen Ill Said yesterday and followed a link to Light Locations, a photographic locations agency, and came across this beautiful Welsh farmhouse. OK so it's pretty much a fantasy home (surely no-one could live like this?), but I loved the austerity and simplicity of the decor, with its palette of greys, faded brights and naturals. Together they create a real sense of calm, of stillness, like a painting. Those old rugs on the floor, and the rough white walls are breathtaking. Now I want to go and buy that farmhouse I've been hankering after! I am so impatient.

I am cautious about buying another dark, small-windowed house like the one we have now, but this house has such sombre and subtle lighting that it creates an almost painterly effect in some of the images. Of course, really skillful photography helps too!

For more amazing houses, including the lovely Deal house that Jane picked out, have a nose around the Light Locations website.


  1. My only problem with that cottage is that it looks cold. And based on experience, such cottages normally are absolutely freezing.

    I find myself lusting for anywhere to live that is remotely warm. When you can't bear to sit in your bedroom to brush your hair, so merely exist in it when either buried under duvet or sprinting between duvet and comparatively warm hallway, this is pretty sad.

    Which is why it is only great to live in a cottage when rich because you can afford to heat the place properly and treat all those damp problems.

    I do like beams though. Very good fun to swing on when a child.

  2. Yeah, I bet I'd freeze my tits off in that house. Now you can see the energy ratings on properties for sale, you realize exactly how energy-inefficient such old farmhouses are. They come out right at the bottom, like 'I am colder inside than outside' kind of cold.

    Your room is unnaturally cold in an already cold flat. I think I would have died of cold in the night by now if I were living there!

  3. I just noticed something: not a curtain in sight!