Thursday, 25 March 2010

One Hundred Days - no. 71

(click image for larger version) Some of the characters at the football last night, including the husband (I declined to draw myself in my wax jacket and thug boots... we looked like a pair of yokels come to town to pick a fight). COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!! (sorry, I can't help myself)


  1. I like that deranged glaze in the drunk one's eyes! :D

  2. :-) I was sitting next to him last night. He reeked of alcohol and his language was shocking. But he and I shared a little hug on the second goal, just for the joy of it. I probably shouldn't hug glassy-eyed strangers...

  3. Haha, probably not! Did you get all your shots before you know, tetanus, TB, the usual... :P