Monday, 1 March 2010

One Hundred Days - no.45 - stuffed...

Sorry for my absence today. I just got home from a harrowing drive from Manchester to Stansted Airport and then home from there. It was not delightful, put it that way. I had some shouty moments involving idiot lorry drivers. I need a cup of tea. Pictures for the weekend will be up tomorrow. For now, this is how I feel:


  1. Well, having being driven by you I can safley say that you are a fine driver. Which makes a change, as not many other women are >:) Your husband- there's another thing completley. When returning Grandma home a couple of christmases ago, he answered me by saying 'It always looks like you're going faster at night'. You can guess what I asked, and can probably imagine how convinced I felt on hearing his answer.
    Nah, hes a good driver too. Glad you're safe and sound back at home. At least you can live in a mann free zone for a while :)

  2. huh! not many other women are good drivers? Dangerous statement... And it DOES look faster when you are driving at night!

    The Mann-free zone ends tomorrow lunchtime! not long at all :-)