Tuesday, 9 March 2010

some sofas

I think I saw this over at Tea for Joy a while back. I was looking through my bookmarks at the weekend and found this sofa from Pinch. I adore it, especially in that soft grey colour. I like the nod to traditional shapes paired with clean, modern lines. But maybe some more detail in the seat back - some buttons perhaps (I'm very partial to a button-back) - might not go amiss. Now all I need is £3729. Ouch.

Whilst I'm talking about button-back sofas, I also rather like this one (above) from the bespoke selection at The Sofa & Chair Company, with prices starting from roughly £2800 depending on your fabric choice. I like the retro styling and simplicity. I bet the husband would hate it or at least not 'get' why I like it. Never mind eh? Sadly I'm not actually looking for a new sofa, but I like to look anyway.

There are loads of other retro style button back sofas out there, but right now I haven't got the inclination to hunt any more down. But off the top of my furniture-filled head, Heal's do one called Mistral, and Sofa Workshop have one called Fancy Nancy. Or try Vintage Retro for the real deal - some nice sofas pop up there from time to time.


  1. I'm couchwatching at the moment, as I'm assuming we're going to replace our old one once (if ever) the living room is plastered and floored. Macy's Corona is pretty much my perfect example (classic and retro all at once), but finding one close to NL or in NL preferably has been a hassle. I finally found something similar at Het Kabinet, so I'm hopeful that my search has come to an end. :-)

  2. that Macy's sofa is gorgeous! Pretty much perfect, isn't it? It's annoying when you see things that you can't have! I'm glad you've now spotted something you CAN have, though :-)