Monday, 29 March 2010


I would love to be able to upholster my own chairs, I see so many at fairs and auctions that would be magnificent if only I knew how to fix them up. I have so far managed a piano stool - not difficult :-). I think I could do a few other things too, but when it comes to chairs like these from The French House (do take a look around their site for some lovely farmhouse tables and some nice industrial chairs), I wouldn't have a clue. I am sure they would turn out all saggy and wrinkled and then fall apart after the husband had been at them (he has a particularly damaging way of sitting, I think!). I rather like them in this skeletal, raw state, but how lovely would they be, covered with a nice stripe or a plain linen? I like simple fabrics from shops like Tinsmiths and Ian Mankin, and have a weakness for ordering free samples just so I can coo over them.

Anyone else fancy going on an upholstery course like The Traditional Upholstery Workshop in Wales? I think it sounds like the perfect way to spend a week.


  1. I was thinking about how expensive chair upholstery is when looking in a shop window in Nottingham. They had some rather nice (if a bit bling) chairs but the prices were obscene. It irked me, as the chairs were to be honest nothing that special-typical type you could buy from Ikea just with funky fabric.

    Of course, I think if I ever get a chair, I'm going to go the cheat route and stick a throw over it. Maybe a knitted afghan quilt, but to be honest, I think knitting a blanket would bore the hell out of me! Still there are some lovely designs on ravelry should you feel the urge to spend a year creating something...

  2. If I was better with crafty type stuff, I would love this, but as it is, I just admire from a safe distance.

    Weirdly though, I know all about this course. In my job (which I plan to cast off one day and become a writer...) I help people who have been made redundant get training that will help with a new career. This course in Wales is very popular!

  3. :-) I'm sure you would be able to learn! I think I'd probably injure myself with all the nails and stanley knives involved.

    That's quite a job you've got there - I do hope you manage to become a writer some day! And it's weird that you know so much about this course already :-) I think it sounds great.

  4. Kat - I think you'd have to have the patience of a saint to knit a whole throw. I would die of boredom first, I think. Probably because I am such a slow knitter. I might even die of old age first :-)