Tuesday, 23 February 2010

a bit of whimsy and nostalgia

I'm wondering if anyone has £450k to spare? (clockwise from top left) Which would you choose, an eight bed Georgian mansion for some serious refurbishment near Aberystwyth (two images) or a beautiful townhouse overlooking the gorge at Ironbridge? Or for £300k you can get the quirky old toll house in the same town. OK, so none of these are the right house, but it doesn't hurt to look, eh?

Ironbridge is upstream of where I grew up playing on the banks of the bestest river, the Severn. I have the happiest memories of wading thigh deep in the rough waters near Bewdley, impromptu picnics on its banks during the long, idyllic summers of my childhood, trying to build a bridge across it with pebbles, the feel of the water between my toes when I flooded my wellies. Truly I had a wonderful childhood and desperately miss that place sometimes. My parents no longer live there, and when I went back last summer to visit, the first thing I did was stand and weep in the spot where once we released a caught eel back into the river. I was caught off guard by my emotions. Sorry, looking at these Ironbridge houses has made me a bit maudlin and nostalgic.

Images from Nock Deighton and Aled Ellis.

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