Friday, 26 February 2010

auction action

Two of my local(ish) auction houses have new catalogues up this week for sales tomorrow and the following Saturday. First up is the 'Rural and Domestic Bygones' sale at TW Gaze in Diss tomorrow. I would probably be going, only we have a wedding to attend in the north. I love this particular sale at Gaze's - I wrote about it back in November here and here. The auction takes up most of the day, and the most wonderful things can be found there, things that make my heart swell with joy, like Victorian footwear, a hat-stretcher, a fishing creel, butter churns, telephones, tins and ephemera. Oh and something, unphotographed, called a 'sweat scrape' for £30-45. Above and below I have collected a few items of interest - who wants a mangle, another milk churn (there are several for sale), or perhaps a hot water jug?

Next Saturday we have the auction-worth-going-to-for-the-bacon-butties - Willingham. Again, we are busy that day and won't be able to attend, but here are a few interesting items:

A group of five vintage cameras including a working Weltaflex 2 1/4" square twin lens reflex and five vintage tripods, £60-100.

Or you can have a bit of medical history: a World War I Avery Ltd oak and ash portable hospital weight machine with weighing seat, £700-1200. Brilliant - what a tremendous thing to have in your hallway, although for that price tag I think you would have to be quite insane.

Or for a bit of Parisian bistro chic, how about a set of six Thonet bentwood chairs for £100-200. They aren't as nice as the ones I loved from before, and not quite to my taste, but are much more affordable and rather good nonetheless - the detailing on the seats is just lovely.

Happy Friday everyone! I am away this weekend so will probably be unable to post up my One Hundred drawings until Monday. Have a good one!

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