Thursday, 4 February 2010

call me sad...

but I really like buying socks. I can't bear wearing plain old black or grey socks - they make me feel dull (OMG, listen to me - I need creative hosiery to make me feel worthwhile!). I like pattern, colour, texture, silly motifs peeking out between my shoes and trousers or above my boots. I would even consider wearing ankle socks with brogues and shorts, but I think my legs are too muscular for such things. I have narrow ankles but quite substantial calves and thighs, Chinese peasant style, which make me look like a monster or a cyclist (whichever...).

In Japan, whilst bored in Himeji, I explored one of its enormous and baffling department stores, Forus, and found some gloriously odd Tabio socks on sale. You can get Tabio in England, of course, but because these were on sale I couldn't help myself. They were practically the only thing I bought for myself in Japan apart from food. I particularly like their various pointelle style knits that would soften up the look of those big black boots I bought at Christmas. I saw some gorgeous, hand-knitted cream French socks similar to these at Newark Antiques Fair, and have been yearning for some since. I'm such a goof.

I can't believe I just wrote a whole post about hosiery. A step too far, perhaps?


  1. Kristen in Atlanta5 February 2010 at 16:34

    Maybe you would like welovecolors socks. I love that style folded down and they have the most colors I have ever seen.

  2. Hi Kristen - I just looked them up. They have such great colours, you're right, and they ship to the UK. Hooray! Thanks for the suggestion.