Monday, 8 February 2010

La Grande Braderie

It's official. The husband and I are going to La Braderie de Lille this September to dig out some French treasures (or junk) along with 2 million other people. OK. Sorry, the link is in French. Basically it's a giant, city-wide flea market that lines the streets and parks of the city for the first weekend in September every year. And junk fanatics like me turn up to buy everything we can carry home in our greedy little hands (or, in our case, our car).

I've booked a hotel (they are nearly all booked up!) and we are going to make a weekend of it. I hear there is a tradition of eating mussels during the festival, and the restaurants pile their mussel shells up in the street to show off how much they have sold. I adore mussels, so that's another plus, as if I needed any more incentive to go! I am getting excited, even though it's months away yet. Why can't it be NOW?!

Pictures from The Guardian.


  1. I had been promised this as a birthday prezzie and had forgotten! And you're absolutely right about the hotels!:-(
    Perhaps we'll dig out our tent. And take our little baggage trailer....

  2. Hi Lynn. Glad to have reminded you!
    We are staying in an Ibis with free parking about ten minutes from the city centre by Metro. That's all I could get at a decent price but it will do!

    You should definitely go! I am sure you will find somewhere to stay. I hear that some people go on Eurostar for a day trip, although I'm sure I'd buy too much to carry home :-)