Friday, 5 February 2010

When in doubt

try a belt! On a whim I bought this beautiful but odd German/Swiss button-back blouse on eBay a while back and have been struggling to work out how to wear it. On the one hand it can make me look like I'm 60 years old and on the other, like a man. Not in a fashionably androgynous way, but just like a bloke, even with the lovely pattern.

But I think I've made it work now - layer something bright underneath, wear with skinny black jeans, roll sleeves up above the elbow and, most crucially, cinch it with a long belt wrapped a couple of times round. Wear with a top-knot, silly yellow reindeer pendant and lashings of irony - now I look like a scary German spinster, right? Good.

Our house is gloomily dark apart from the kitchen and I feel very stupid taking photos of myself dressing up for no reason other than work-procrastination (I have two jobs to do and I've barely started either). But applaud me for my bravery in putting up half a photo of myself!

REALLY need to do some work now!


  1. congratulations! active procrastination....not just me reading posts about food and shirts and making kep calm and carry on posters x :-)

  2. haha. No, it's not just you. As soon as I saw that link you posted up on facebook I went over there and had a play. The best I came up with was 'eat shit and die', but it's not really appropriate to put it up here... good fun, thanks! Some quality procrastinating has been achieved today.

    For anyone wondering what we're talking about, have a play here:

  3. On ravelry people have mentioned an alternative called "Keep calm and carry yarn".

    Cheesy but so true.

    I did really love the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster so much that when stressed one night in Nigeria I wrote the words on a sign on the back of my bedroom door, to remind me to not get in a flap.

    However, it got ruined when the Stereophonics used it as their latest album title. This would have been cool if they were a young band-like Blur in 1993 stealing graffitti "Modern Life is Rubbish", but with the phonics in 2010 it just looks old and desperate.

    So my keep calm poster would be "Stereophonics are ageing twats and copy cats"

  4. oh, Stereophonics. Poor things - they are ageing a bit. I didn't know that was their last album title. That's a bit sad, isn't it?