Monday, 1 February 2010

One Hundred Days - no.19

After a week's break from this I am even further behind the other 'one hundred days' people. In fact, the one hundred days will be finished for most of them in February. I have barely started, but I'll keep plugging on with occasional lapses in dedication.

I didn't draw a thing whilst I was away. OK, I drew a terrible scribble of Himeji castle whilst sitting in a park shaking with cold. It was embarrassing to look at.

However, one of the most wonderful things about Japan was their obsession with cute critters and funny minor Shinto gods that look like animals. I've always had a thing about inventing little gods that take care of the small things in life. This is something I drew when we were travelling on the bullet train back to Tokyo from Kyoto. He is the God of Japanese Pickles. He has an all-seeing eye in his belly that can tell if you are or aren't a pickle lover. Yeah, I'm really weird, I know.

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