Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tokyo Street Style

I was randomly clicking blog links yesterday and came across this website, which is an ongoing collection of photographs taken on the streets of Tokyo, not only in super-trendy Harajuku but other districts too. I've picked out some pretty understated outfits to post up here but do have a click around over on the website, especially in the Harajuku section, to see some really fabulous and whimsical looks. I've been fascinated by this ever since I saw Fruits, a wonderful book of the most flamboyant outfits, all seen on the streets of Tokyo. This website isn't quite as extreme but it's good fun to look at if you like this sort of thing. Would I dress like this? Probably in bits, but there are some weird looks going on that would make me feel like a proper fool. They are brave, some of these kids, but certainly inspiring.

Aren't these shoes just the right side of sweet?

I like the oddball geek look. However I don't think the husband will go as far as this. Shame.

Looking at all of this makes me want to reassess how I get dressed. I go through phases of how I want to look. A lot of the time I am boring as hell (skinny black jeans, vest, cardigan, flats), other times I go a bit grungy/indie with angry, pointy shoes; other times I'm prim and girly, and then there's the unhinged country thing. I often feel like I haven't got any kind of real sartorial identity, but perhaps that rustic, got-dressed-in-the-dark look that I sport when I want to look like an eccentric is the real 'me' if such a thing exists.

I am often halted by my problematic self-consciousness. I wish I didn't care what other people think of me but I can't help it. I don't always like standing out, but there is a small part of me that revels in the feeling when I do. I should try it more often rather than blending in - life's too short to be shy, right?

I was amazed by the range of ideas and stuff in Japan, from the odd 'mori girl' movement to some sweet clothing lines that you might never see over here. I adore those little brown gaiter-topped boots on the last picture. Now I want to go away and dress like a girl who lives in a forest...

Images above from Japanese brands Yab-Yum and Felissimo.

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