Friday, 19 February 2010

happy Friday!

for most of you anyway. I have barely started the weekend's work. I need SERIOUS pressure and horrifying time limits in order to get into gear. So far I have taken some screen grabs, saved some reference pictures of tractors, wheelbarrows and honeybees, watched some old television adverts on Youtube, puttered around looking at inappropriate footwear on eBay, eaten a chocolate bar, made coffee... and I'm going out to dinner tonight so NOW I'm wondering what to wear. You see, it's a big thing for someone who doesn't leave the house a lot - it's a chance to wear something proper and for someone other than myself to SEE it. Poor me, I know.

If I had the money and were feeling brave, how about these fabulous Luxury Trousers from Nadinoo?! A real statement. Take a look at all the other Liberty-print clothing that they make.

I also posted up the soup recipe that I mentioned yesterday. It was amazing. You should try it although you might need a strong constitution to survive the corrosive stench that your body might make afterwards. Have a good weekend!

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