Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ryan Abegglen

I came across the wonderful Ryan Abegglen yesterday whilst I was browsing Share Some Candy. I think his style and ideas are great, and his delightful use of language gives his work a very particular and oddball voice. Click on the images to read the text. All images are from Ryan's website, with thanks. See his site for links to his shop, blog and Facebook page.

Gosh, this really makes me want to do some, you know, proper work. Not just silly drawings tossed off in five minutes like I've been doing, but Proper Work. Like I mean it. Like I've thought about it. Maybe soon...


  1. Death Dealing Cockney Weasel!!! Genius!

    I love the dark, freaky, crazy things you post. Sometimes the internet seems to be full of sweet, frilly things!

    (she says when she is crocheting a giant pink thing);

  2. There is a LOT of frill on the internet. Makes me a bit queasy sometimes. Weird stuff like this always delights me.

    Can't wait to see the outcome of the pink thing :-)

  3. His work is great, but don't sell yourself short! The spontaneity of your drawings is one of the things that makes your stuff so special...

  4. thanks Lynn :-) That's very sweet of you - I'm so glad you like the drawings! x