Thursday, 18 February 2010


I have nothing to say for myself. I've got a work deadline tomorrow and I am, as always, procrastinating with a mind-blowing amount of skill. My talents in this area are nothing short of phenomenal.

I spend five minutes working, then twenty reading blogs and looking at eBay, then two minutes working, then I go and make some tea. Or maybe I'll think about lunch (today I will attempt my first jerusalem artichoke soup because the husband is at home and I want to make him flatulent). I will write it up on my other blog if it turns out well. Now I am spending twenty minutes wondering what to write about here. Maybe a few links will do for today so I can actually get some work done!

I read this lovely post by Jena at Modish the other day. I thought it was inspirational and encouraging. I have always struggled with self-image issues - feeling different because I'm Chinese in England, feeling like I'm not thin enough (for what?), hating my flat little nose, hating my legs, hating how the back of my head is a bit flatter than other people's, hating my short sightedness. It's exhausting hating yourself so much. I try every day to like myself a bit more and I'm slowly, slowly, getting there. Nowadays I seem to actively try to stand out like a sore thumb and enjoy being different. It's the differences that make each of us unique and interesting.

I saw a set of tiny plywood school chairs for sale at my local junk shop a couple of weeks ago but they were too tatty (even for £4.50 each) to contemplate. Plus buying them would make it look like I want to have a child, which is NOT on the cards yet. Not for a long time. However, these beauties have turned up at Pigeon Vintage and are adult sized. OK, they are nearly ten times more expensive but you know, I like chairs and they would be worth it. The husband and I have recently given back the chairs we were loaned by his grandma and are now left with two chapel chairs and a solitary dining chair (which I use at my desk) for ourselves. Maybe it's time to get some more?! These would go nicely with that sort of mid-century retro schoolhouse vaguely industrial sparse look that I am currently liking.

This little pennant from Fine Little Shop, run by Elisabeth Dunker of Studio Violet fame, would go nicely too. I am having a bit of a pennant obsession at the moment, but the ones I've seen on eBay haven't been quite right yet. I think I need to look harder. This one from The Bucket Tree is great too.

OK, that was longer than expected. Back to work. Whilst I've been writing and procrastinating, I got a phone call about ANOTHER job. Will it never end?! :-P

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